Best Plants for Your San Diego Office

Woman in a red dress working at her desk.

90,000. That’s the number of hours the average person spends at work over a lifetime. And, it is, in fact, one-third of our lives. For exactly this reason, we should all strive to find small ways to infuse our desks, cubicles, or corner offices with some personality and charm. Let’s face it – nobody likes staring at those rows of uniform cubicles and cookie-cutter office walls all day long. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing that will help you crush that cold corporate feeling in your workspace – plants! Fear, not the artificial fluorescents overhead, fluctuating temperatures, or limited space – we’ve rounded up some of the best plants for your San Diego office that won’t just survive there but thrive!

What are the best plants for your San Diego office?

If you’re on the lookout for a perfect office plant, you’ll want to stick to something easy to care for. Obviously, not everybody has the time or energy to fuss about keeping the thing alive alongside their usual workload. The trick is to select plants that are low-light tolerant, stable against the blasts of hot and cold air, and forgiving of some benign neglect. Furthermore, depending on the space you have available, the perfect office greenery may also be small enough to fit your limited desk space or windowsill, or big enough to make a bold statement in your workplace.

Young woman working on her laptop.
The best plants for your San Diego office are low-maintenance ones.

But plants do so much more than add a decorative touch to our workspaces. Besides oxygenating the air, psychologists swear by these guys’ ability to boost employee satisfaction and efficiency by up to 15%. Science says we are more productive in spaces adorned with greenery than in barren offices. We’re better at completing tasks that require concentration, for example. 

If you work in a dim cubicle

Not all of us are lucky enough to work in an office blessed with sprawling views and saturated in sunlight. If you work in a windowless workplace, such as a cubicle or a warehouse, then plants are a wonderful way to give your eyes and brain a break from the disheartening dullness of the blank walls. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about a catch-22 coming your way because there are plants that thrive in low-light conditions, even in dark cubicles. 

ZZ Plants

The Zanzibar gem has been able to withstand months of drought and shade in East Africa, meaning your dim-lightened office space in San Diego should present no problem for this hardy glossy green beauty. With less light, your new green office friend is likely to just grow a bit more slowly, whereas direct sunlight may lead to scalding, curling, or yellowing foliage. ZZ plants were also reported to cope well indoors with only fluorescent lights. Plus, they’re perfect for plant novices as they only need watering every few weeks.

Snake Plants

These guys, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, are shockingly difficult to kill. Unlike most plants, Sansevieria doesn’t need much water or sunlight to grow beautifully. So, they are basically designed for plant novices and busy employees struggling to fit a ten-minute lunch break into their hectic schedules.


The main reason why Dracaena plants are such a popular choice for homes and offices alike is that you basically can’t go wrong with them. Dracaenas are extremely low maintenance (they can survive in low or medium-light). This makes them an excellent option for artificial light areas. But that’s not the only reason to fall in love with this plant! According to NASA, it can remove some harmful gasses from the air and improve its quality. Not to mention that its whimsical foliage is bound to make a great focal point in any room!

Peace Lilies

The eye-catching white flowers of the Peace Lily are perfect for breathing life into your dark office. They thrive in indirect light and shade and have no particular temperature or humidity requirements. You can easily get away with watering the plant once a week and spritzing its verdant leaves from time to time. 

 Peace Lily plant
Peace Lilies are adorable to look at and easy to take care of.

If you have little to no room to spare

Even if you only have little room to work with, a small windowsill or a tiny corner of your desk will do just fine for these guys:

Aloe Plants

These striking little plants have no problem thriving in the smallest of spaces, as long as you can supply them with one essential ingredient: a warm, sunny window. Aloe plants will forgive those less-than-savvy gardeners as long as they give it a soak every couple of weeks.

Jade Plants

These jolly little succulents are believed to attract fortune and prosperity, making them a perfect pick for your office. They enjoy a nice, sun-soaked windowsill, even in small spaces, and are very easy to grow.


If all else fails, pick up a cactus. When it comes to watering and sun exposure, less is more. In fact, these prickly guys need to be watered slightly more often than a faux plant, and too much direct sun can cause sunburn. These are simple plants but don’t think of them as dull. They will bring not only subtle beauty in the variety of their colors, shapes, patterns, designs, and growth habits but also a lot of positive vibes and energy to your office.

Variety of green cactus in clay pots.
Even the blackest of thumbs will be able to keep this one alive.

If you’re dealing with varying temps

Offices are usually air-conditioned during the summer. The cold air blasting from the A/C unit may keep you comfortable, but it harms your green friends. On the flip side, when winter comes and we turn the heat on, the air becomes dry. Therefore, besides the ones that can survive in the darkest corner, the ideal plants for your San Diego workspace are also those that can cope with temperature stress. 

This is also something you should pay attention to if you are moving between states and taking your leafy pets with you. For instance, Florida and California may be deemed “climate sister states”. However, despite both being warm-weather states, there is a slight difference in humidity levels. Florida, for example, has more rain and humidity than California. The latter is typically dryer. While it’s not a drastic change, it can still affect your plants. So, if you plan to leave Florida and settle in California, make sure to give them the time and care they need to adapt before and after the move. Or bring only the hardy ones that aren’t that easily affected by temperature change, like these:

Cast Iron Plant

We guess the name speaks for itself with this one. This low-maintenance plant is known for its capability to endure almost anything. Low humidity and light levels, irregular watering, temperature fluctuation, you name it! Thanks to its nearly indestructible qualities, it’s perfect for all kinds of offices and all kinds of plant parents.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy (A.K.A Pothos) is yet another plant name that speaks for itself. These plants are super easy to take care of and can grow their sprawling vines in the worst conditions, meaning they can withstand everything from the brightest areas filled with windows to the gloomiest cubicles with ease.

Chinese Money Plant

This eye-catching green beauty is perfectly shaped to add a bit of interest to a boring office. It’s on every plant novice’s wish list because it is super easy to look after. This little charmer loves soaking up some sunshine. However, the direct sun will scorch its rounded dark green leaves, whereas light shade will encourage their growth. It gets its nickname from its coin-like leaves and the belief that it brings good luck, money, and prosperity to its owner. If that doesn’t make them the best plants for your San Diego office, we don’t know what does!