NAI San Diego maintains ongoing relationships with buyers of multi-family properties, and continually tracks buyer activity along product type, value range and geographic area. With tens of thousands of contacts, our database contains detailed profiles on private and institutional investors, as well as qualified intermediaries for 1031 transactions.

NAI San Diego matches multi-family properties with the most likely buyers according to their known investment criteria. Qualified buyers receive complete due-diligence packages with the real-time information they need to make immediate and informed decisions. Sellers receive detailed reports on all sale activities and can track progress of their sales 24/7 via NAI San Diego’s Web-enabled transaction management system, REALTrac™ Online.

Local Expertise

Strong local broker expertise is essential to selling properties at top market value, and we know the local sub-market, rental rates, demand, competition and value. NAI San Diego brokers also know how to add value by managing and repositioning properties. Combine this with financial modeling, underwriting, and negotiating skills, and it is easy to see how our clients are able to optimize their portfolios.

Target Marketing

NAI proprietary databases, combined with the NAI brokerage network, can target buyers for virtually any multi-family property. Our approach can be broad-based when required, or surgically precise. NAI San Diego’s technology-enabled systems can instantly connect prospects to properties electronically, and buyers can hyperlink directly to obtain initial property information. Complete property information is available to buyers through the password-protected Web site, or through hard copy due-diligence packages.

Broad-Based Promotion

When appropriate, NAI San Diego markets properties to the broadest possible audience through extensive advertising, Internet promotion and wide distribution of property brochures. In these ways, we reach the greatest number of active, capable buyers within local, national and international markets.

Direct Relationships

The NAI San Diego multi-family team has fingers placed firmly on the pulse of the marketplace, and has direct relationships with the most qualified and most active buyers. At NAI San Diego, we know who is buying, who is selling and where the best sources of capital can be found.