Our professionals worldwide have significant knowledge of both their areas of specialization and of their local markets. Integrating our individual expertise and services, we act and think as a team, strong with one purpose: to achieve our clients’ goals.

Each separate service serves a purpose and is integral to delivering the appropriate solution for each client. Cost savings and resource conservation are the greatest assets your advisor can deliver. Beyond that, we can help you grow and advance in ways you may not have considered and identify or solidify proper paths of execution.

Unlike a “one size fits all” business philosophy, NAI San Diego and its brokers understand that some clients require less services, others more and in order for a client to knowledgably order from our menu, we are pleased to provide a basic description of those services NAI San Diego offers.

Brokerage Services

We match your specific situation to the real estate professional or team that is most qualified to exceed your goals. An accomplished marketing and research team employs the latest technology, market data, and targeted strategies to effectively market your property and provide valuable insight into local, regional, and national trends within each market segment. >>

Property Management

Our local presence, local accounting, leasing and management teams ensure all existing leases are abstracted and operating expense/tax recovery templates are established, shared, communicated and updated as events happen. >>


NAI’s consultancy experts are very keen on preparation and planning. We partner with our clients as they transition from one location to another as a tenant, or anytime during the full life-cycle of their ownership. We assist in preparedness and in anticipating change and the effects of each decision made toward your goals. >>