Moving Back to the Office – How to Find the Right Commercial Real Estate in San Diego

The right commercial real estate in San Diego

Many businesses gave up on their offices during the global pandemic and sent employees to work from home. This has been an enormous shift in how we work and live, but somehow, we managed to get through it. However, the time has come to move back to the office and continue where we left off. This step comes with particular challenges – adapting to office life, getting used to daily social interactions, etc. Furthermore, certain businesses have trouble finding the best office space to handle all of the new requirements and workings. Luckily, this guide comes to the rescue – let’s see how you can easily find the right commercial real estate in San Diego.

Take Your Time

We admit it – it’s not easy to find the right commercial property. It can be time-consuming, so you need the right approach. Firstly, don’t expect to do it that quickly. Putting effort and time into the search will give better results. However, there are ways to narrow down your search and save some time:

  • Know your budget – this is probably the most crucial step in the search. Knowing how much you can afford will narrow your options and speed up your search. Don’t look at properties out of your budget range, as you’ll only waste your time and end up feeling disappointed.
  • Set the priorities – make a list of requirements that you want from this commercial real estate in San Diego. Talk to your team and see what locations work for your business. Also, think about the size and the most important features this place should have. Setting these basic priorities will also help you eliminate properties that don’t fit in this description and save you time.
  • Buying or renting – another vital part of your search is the kind of property you’re looking for, rental or for sale. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these scenarios. So, it would be best to consider all of the factors before making this decision.


We mentioned that the location of your business is one of the crucial factors to find the right commercial real estate in San Diego. However, it’s not only you and your employees that decide on the location. You also need to think about the customers, suppliers, and partners. Also, popular business locations in San Diego often come with a higher price, so you’ll have to find the right balance between these two. Finally, don’t forget about the competition – their position will also determine yours.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the First Look

You should have an excellent first impression when you first look at the property. This is the same way your customers and partners feel when they visit the premises. The location is essential, but so is the look of the building – both inside and outside. Even though this doesn’t need to be accurate, how your property looks will reflect how people see your business. Thus, look for a property that truly tells the story of how you do business.


Most of us have worked from home in the last couple of years – the place where we felt safe and comfortable. For that reason, security should be one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new office space. When you visit a property, find out about all the security measures it provides and see if there’s room for improvement in that field. Also, find out more about how safe this particular neighborhood is. Even though San Diego has crime rates that are 15% lower than the national average, a safety check is not something you should skip in your search.

Parking and Overall Accessibility

Most of the public parking spots in San Diego have limited parking time to two to four hours. That’s why you need to find a place that will make it easy for your employees to park nearby and leave their cars until they are finished. Preferably, it should include onsite parking or have a public garage nearby. Also, consider other accessibility aspects such as stairs and elevators, making sure it’s disability-friendly. It’s essential for everyone to easily access your offices – employees, customers, and other visitors.

Be Aware of the Problems

If a building has some issues, list them all down. Begin with the most important ones, such as foundation or roof problems, and then continue to the details that can be easily fixed. See that these issues can be easily dealt with, or they will only cause you additional problems and costs in the future. There are tons of exceptional commercial properties in San Diego, so you shouldn’t settle for one that will cause you trouble. It’s best to consult an experienced broker to help you out, so be sure to consult a professional with a good knowledge of the San Diego real estate market. 

Start Early

The important thing is that you start searching through listings as early as possible. This will give you enough time to find just the right office to move back to and plan the move. As you might already know, commercial relocations aren’t easy to execute. There are many things to plan and people to notify. Finally, there’s a lot of fragile office equipment to pack, which takes special care and the right supplies. You must be careful with sensitive items such as electronics and documents to ensure everything arrives safely in the new office space. Perhaps that’s why it is always best to have an experienced commercial moving team in your corner every step of the way. So, that’s another thing to consider.

Let’s Wrap This Up

It shouldn’t be too hard to find the right commercial real estate in San Diego. This is a city of business, and many big and small companies succeed in it. Follow the steps we mentioned, and they will lead you to your perfect new office space in no time.