Top Locations in San Diego for Opening a Retail Store

La Jolla, one of the top locations in San Diego for opening a retail store

Figuring out where to open a retail store is a tricky business. You need to select an area popular enough to draw people and yet one where you can succeed. This immediately eliminates many ‘smaller’ shopping districts where the niches have already been filled, and the locals are already loyal to their preferred stores. Especially in a busy and competitive city like San Diego, whose growth and economy allow many stores to make it. So, you need to look into the top locations in San Diego for opening a retail store! And, preferably places that draw a lot of tourists and other folks from out of town. This limits the type of retail store you can open a little, but at least it also guarantees steady business.

La Jolla

La Jolla is one of the top locations in San Diego for opening a retail store. It’s a beachside shopping district located in a more ‘upscale’ area of San Diego. In other words, if you are just starting out, you should weigh your options of renting vs buying a commercial property. However, you cannot go wrong with running a specialty retail store here. The shoppers are always drawn by the atmosphere of the place, even if it’s not necessarily selling something they need. The jewelry, book, and clothing stores in the area are some of the most popular ones. And the scenery, with its beaches and the unique Open Aire Market, is most definitely unforgettable. 

Westfield UTC

If you prefer going to one of the more ‘classical’ top locations in San Diego to open a retail store, you can’t go wrong with Westfield UTC. It is a shopping mall near the La Jolla district, so it still benefits from the crowds that visit the previously discussed location. The mall is primarily home to all sorts of high-end retail shops. It also has many lovely restaurants, a park, a playground, and even a very nice movie theater! The shops come in a satisfying variety, from tech stores to homeware stores to clothing and jewelry. This means that no matter what niche your retail store aims to fill, you will likely be able to fit right in here! The shoppers also tend to be relaxed and in a good mood, so you will not run into many issues when doing business.

Fashion Valley

Fashion Valley is another upscale mall claiming its spot as one of the top locations in San Diego for opening a retail store. Located off I-8 and found along the banks of the San Diego River, this mall may not have as nice a view as Westfield did. What it does have, however, is an even more stunning array of various shops, restaurants, and services. The mall is massive and boasts over two hundred stores and over thirty different restaurants and eateries. And as a bonus, there are famous office buildings in the area. With a single office moving checklist to help you remember everything you need, you can find absolutely all of the necessary stuff in Fashion Valley! And your own retail store can benefit from this smart placement, too.

Seaport Village

Waterfront shopping locations definitely seem to be more prevalent in San Diego. And proving this theory is Seaport Village. This particular area does have a higher focus on tourists. Most retailers here offer souvenirs, beach clothing, and similar. Seaport Village’s beauty and its beaches are enough to draw large crowds, with the local specialty retail stores poised to take full advantage of them. If doing this kind of business appeals to you, then this is one of the best possible locations you could set up your own shop.

Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is a downtown neighborhood known for drawing in crowds of shoppers looking primarily for clothing and home decorations. If you aim to open a retail store offering one of the two, then this is your spot. Note that if you do opt for this area, you will likely need somewhat flexible working hours. The Gaslamp Quarter is exceptionally well known for its nightlife, which means that you would miss out on enormous numbers of potential customers if you decide to run your store during more traditional work hours. This might be a good reason to look into hiring a commercial property manager, since they may help you determine how to benefit from these working hours.

Las Americas Premium Outlets

If setting up shop in the largest outlet mall in San Diego seems like a great idea, then you want to set your sights on Las American Premium Outlets. Among the top locations in San Diego, this one is probably the most removed from the city. It takes a twenty-minute drive south from the city to reach, and it is almost right on the Mexican border. The location still draws huge crowds, and it is so popular you will likely want to look for the help of brokerage services if you want to secure yourself a store here.

Final Comment

Through our coverage of the top locations in San Diego for opening a retail store, it should be obvious what kind of stores are popular in the city. As we mentioned initially, popular trends can limit your business options. Most of the stores that do well appeal to tourists in one way or another. However, as you can see, many other stores found a way to work their niche and profit. So don’t give up, and start planning!