Why Is Serviced Office Space in San Diego so Popular?

Alt: A skyline of San Diego

California has another tech hub other than Silicon Valley, and it is San Diego. While it hasn’t kept up with the technological boom that completely transformed Seattle and San Francisco, it has built a solid foundation for success. The fact that serviced office space in San Diego is so popular is indicative of that. Moreover, San Diego has one fantastic advantage. It’s the UCSD campus that will keep providing it with a massive pool of highly educated engineers. 

Furthermore, the economic sector in San Diego is growing at such a pace that it is winning the race against practically all other US cities. And it’s no surprise that it has been attracting so many software engineers and developers. The booming economy and glorious weather all year round make this city a desirable place to start a business and move operations to. Not having experienced the explosive growth like some other cities, San Diego is a perfect example that slow and steady wins the race.

What is Serviced Office Space?

Before we delve into the reasons why serviced office space in San Diego is so popular, we should understand what serviced office space is and what its benefits are. 

A serviced office is similar to a traditional office but comes fully furnished and fully equipped. Other names for such offices are business centers, executive suites, or managed offices.  A facility management company or office provider owns these offices. Sometimes, they work with brokers to find tenants that will rent the space. They can rent individual rooms or floors. Businesses that rent office space can save money due to shared areas such as conference rooms and resources like printers.  

What does serviced office space involve?

Services and amenities available can vary, but they typically include the following:

  • Furniture (desks, chairs, whiteboards, lights, coat racks)
  • Front desk
  • Conference room
  • Telcom services (phones, television, webcams)
  • The Internet
  • Kitchen (including a fridge, coffee machine, and dinnerware)
  • Administrative support (printing, faxing, mail delivery)
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Cleaning and maintenance services

The benefits of serviced office space

Everything that these offices include is the benefits of renting such office space. They are completely move-in ready, and companies don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance. They have trained administrative staff at their disposal. Also, they offer access to a national serviced office network. On top of everything, they are typically in prime locations. 

Furthermore, companies that rent services office space don’t have a conventional lease agreement. Instead, they sign flexible lease contracts. It means they can expand or reduce their office space on short notice, depending on their business growth. Also, they may negotiate lower monthly fees for a long-term contract. Finally, you only pay for equipment and facilities as you use them, which means you will pay for each use or per hour.

What makes serviced office space in San Diego so popular?

The benefits of serviced office space are enough for a company to decide to go with that option when they have to choose office space. Now, if that serviced office space is in San Diego, the deal becomes all the more attractive. But what makes this city so appealing to businesses? And what are the reasons for such economic optimism, especially after the slump caused by the global pandemic? 

Well, technological innovations are certainly one of the reasons. But also, this is the time when baby boomers are retiring, which frees up jobs for younger generations. Also, remote work allowed for some money-saving. But most of all, the Biden administration is clearly more than eager to get the economy running. 

San Diego built a strong foundation for growth before the pandemic

As we have mentioned, San Diego has enjoyed steady growth and has built a well-balanced economy. It created a solid foundation for future growth. So, in 2021, we can expect industries like innovation and technology, construction, military, and professional services to grow. With such fertile soil, the city has become a very desirable destination for businesses to start or move their operations. 

The availability of options

Like most cities in California that experienced a tremendous technological expansion, San Diego offers a wide variety of options, whatever the company needs are. Thus, whatever is on the priority list of a particular business, this city can provide. This is one of the reasons why many companies decide to relocate here. And the benefits that this city can provide render the hassle of even a long-distance commercial move worth it. Whether you prioritize location, price, or tech capabilities, you can be confident you will find office space for rent that suits you. Once you determine whether you want a private office or a room for collaboration, or both, all you will have to do is find someone reliable to be in charge of the relocation process. 

Automation is another reason San Diego’s economy has flourished

While automation hasn’t been very favorable for some jobs, the efficiency it has provided positively impacts society. This means that the economy will grow even faster than before the pandemic. The outbreak has allowed us to eliminate some obsolete ways of doing business. Many mundane and repetitive processes have become a thing of the past. Of course, this is not indigenous to San Diego, but coupled with its unique location, this city will always be appealing to all those who can afford to come here. 

Final words

The thriving economy, great location, and fantastic weather are all the reasons why serviced office space in San Diego is so popular. Still, during this time, we shouldn’t neglect the spring-like effect that overcoming a disruption as a global pandemic can have. After many businesses had to downsize, shut down, or slow their operations, now that things slowly go back to “the real normal,” we can only expect the good stuff. The disruption eventually transforms into revitalization. After all, after every storm, there is a rainbow.